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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 22:21:27 +0300
From: Guy West
Subject: NEWS: Streets Reclaimed in the holy land (ISRAEL)

Reclaim The Streets - Israel

News from Israel

We Reclaimed our streets in Israel (with some help from the police) yesterday 16/05/98. Megama Yeruca with Peula Yeruca have organized the first street party in Israel. Anonymous for animal rights and the local green party joined us.

Over 500 people walked and danced from Dizingof Squre to the beach, while a van with DJ was driving in front doing the music. We had fun, it was great, and 4 people were nearly arrested.

photo 1 - party - balloon pic
photo 2 - party - banner pic

Today Sunday 17 May 1998

50 people protested outside the embassy of India against the nuclear tests. As if we don't have nukes!

Israel, wake up! And free Vanunu.

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