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From: "SchNEWS"
To: "SchNEWS Subscribers"
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 17:23:15 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 167, 15 May 1998


On the 16th of May the biggest ever party in history kicks off with tens of thousands of people in 37 cities across the world simultaneously transforming their privatised, polluted streets into places of celebration and empowerment; a true global commons - involving RTS groups worldwide.

Here's the Global Street Party list as it stands at the moment: Bogota (Columbia), Berlin, Bielefeld, Thuringen, Hamburg, Dresden (Germany), Lyon (France), Birmingham, York (UK), Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (Australia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Geneva, Zurich (Switzerland), Turku (Finland), Madrid (Spain), Ankara, Istanbul (Turkey), Gothenburg, Stockholm (Sweden), Dublin, Derry (Ireland), Seattle, NewYork, Berkeley, Olympia (US), Vancouver (Canada) Prague (Czech Republic), Toronto, Vancouver (Canada), Athens (Greece), Luxembourg (Luxemburg), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Utrecht (Holland), Turin (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia).

For Legal Support in Birmingham Reclaim the Streets take this number with you:  0961 512 147

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