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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 14:41:33 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre


The 1998 EF! Gathering is likely to take place in the south west of England around mid September - precise details to follow or there may be some info in the corresponding article to this in the printed edition of the AU. Full information will be available for you nearer to the time but for now the following is needed from you -

Equipment plea: Marquees, domes, tents, sound equipment, cinema, alternative energy, transport for moving equipment, plumbing stuff, paint / board for signs, blackboards, sellotape, condoms, C.B.s, site office & office equipment, 1st aid kit, outdoor electricity equipment, flip charts, pens, flouro jackets, torches, cushions, carpet....... and anything else useful you can think of!

Also needed: People with knowledge of First Aid / Health and Safety and all else useful......

If anyone has any (or all) of the above (or knows of anyone that has) and would be up for lending them to the gathering (we may be able to pay transport costs) then please contact the site crew -
email  <>
Tel  0113 262 9365.

The gathering can only take place succesfully if we get together all the equipment we need. We have very little money and even less equipment at the moment, so please help if you can.


The next West Country Activist Gathering is planned for August 7-9.
Contact  01626 363844



16 Global Street Party, Birmingham. Meet B'ham New Street station 4pm
16 Levellers' Day, Burford, Oxfordshire (see News In Brief). Contact 01865 735360
20-24 Hope & Resistance, Kiel, Germany. Gathering of European ploughshares activists. UK contact 01865 770833.
23/24 Occupy a genetics test site, somewhere in East Anglia. Contact 01603 768235
23 Lancaster RTS, 12 noon, Dalton Square 23 Hull RTS, 1pm, Queens Gardens
30 Dockers' second March for Social Justice, London . Contact 0181 442 0090
31 Hillgrove Cat Farm Nation Demo, 1pm at gates, Dry Lane, Witney. Contact 0171 278 3068


June 98-99 Interfaith Pilgrimage, retracing the journey of slavery. Walk from Liverpool to Senegal. Contact 0171 228 9620
1-3 EuroSatory Arms Fair, Paris. Contact (0)20 61 64684
6 London street parties - various locations. Contact RTS 0171 281 4621
6 Beal Valley march and weekend camp. Contact Oldham EF! 0161 628 5128
8 Beal Valley Day of Action. Contact Oldham EF! 0161 628 5128
9 - 16 Reclaim Europe! - various events opposing the corporate agenda of the EU Summit, taking place in Cardiff during this week. Contact 01222 220347
10 Anti-hunt demo. Houses of Parliament, 12 noon. Contact 0171 278 3068
13-15 Bingley 2nd Anniversary weekend:. party; discussion on greenbelt housing; action! Contact 0961 367421
13 Cardiff Eurosummit Demonstration: 'No to a big business Europe - Yes to jobs, public services and democracy'. Contact 01222 220347
14 Mass Trespass on South Downs. Meet Brighton railway station 12 noon. Contact 01273 388392
13 - 20 Nottingham Green Transport Week. Contact Nottingham EF!
19 McLibel Anniversary Day of Action. Contact McLibel Support Campaign 0171 713 1269
20 Salisbury RTS, 12 noon, railway station


5 Mass Trespass on South Downs. Brighton railway station 12 noon. Contact 01273 388392


Spring is coming so let's have some fun!!

At the current time agriculture is taking a big leap forward into the world of genetic engineering. It's where the money, power and Nobel prizes are. For a number of reasons many people are unhappy about the risks involved with changing both our diet and our countryside in a way unseen since the green revolution. Science seems to be yet again creating a tunnel vision for agricultural research, leaving no money for work on organic and alternative farming techniques. Under the spurious argument of sustainable agriculture we have seen the development of herbicide tolerant crops (obviously these varieties will bring back our topsoil, hedgerows, jobs..??). It would seem that the idea of sustainable agriculture has been twisted by the Multinational Corporations. At a time when the British government is discussing how they can back organic farming and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is under review, we need to question the often made presumption that genetic engineering is a necessary part of progress and is therefore inevitable.

An idea has formed to create, for one month, a site which demonstrates our disdain at the current direction of agriculture and puts forward sensible alternatives. In order to do this lots of people, tat, workshops, singing and tidiness are needed. The tidiness issue has been discussed and it was felt that the site must put forward a positive image which will not alienate people but make them say "oh, isn't that a good idea". The location of this site is at present confidential but the ideas around what will happen there are open for discussion.


The current idea is to create a site which is clean, tidy and has areas that show the many examples of sustainable agriculture and living. Some examples are areas of intercropping vegetables with herbs; areas showing methods of maintaining ground cover for the entire year; how to make compost; how to use wind and solar power and there may be a full permaculture design course running. These are some ideas, all will be shown clearly with info boards to explain them. Some will need people to run workshops, others may jsut need to be set up.

Some ground rules have been laid down to give a good feel to the site. It will not be a holiday camp, though it is hoped that people will enjoy it. So far the idea of no drinking before dark has been discussed and limiting the number of vehicles on site. Only vehicles which have a definite role on site that cannot be filled any other way are wanted. This may include a catering van for example. All vehicles should be by prior arrangement NOW. If you have a vehicle which you think may be useful get in touch right away. There will be communal sleeping space and an area for people to put up their own tents, benders, etc. The site should be big enough for about 100 - 200 people.

To create this haven of sensibility help is needed. Below is a wish list. If you can help with any of the items on it get in touch. They can be picked up - once a van is acquired!

It is essential for now for people to grow seedlings and young plants to create instant gardens. Herbs and vegetables are a priority but flowers (especially those with medicinal properties) will give the site a good feel.


If you want to help in these areas get in touch: * catering * helping design the site and thinking about how a permaculture course could be run there * legal eviction challenging * skills to design/build a section of the site * looking after kids * looking after adults * producing professional display boards * growing seedlings *


All these things are needed and can be picked up * money, money, money! * van - either to buy or lend for a few months * tarps * benders, yurts, etc * poles (willow and scaff) * kitchen tat * oil drums * gas bottles * wood burners * flue pipe * drain pipes * cement, sand and aggregate * fairy lights * lanterns * solar and wind generators * garden stuff - wheelbarrows, spades, hoes, rakes, trowels, mulch - old carpet, rotted leaves * DIY stuff - saws, hammers, drills, nails, screws, paint and paint brushes * straw bales * tyres * stuff to make a bender look/feel nice - carpets, blankets, cushions * water butts * brew kegs * crumpets * video camera * blue water pipe * tressel tables * compost loos * wood off cuts * planks of wood * and generally things to make the site work well and feel comfortable.

If you can contribute please contact -

Box EF! The Greenhouse, 42-46 Bethel Street, Norwich NR2 1NR
Tel  01603 768235


Earth First! Action Update
Dept 29
1 Newton Street
M1 1HW

e-mail: <>
www: <>

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