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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:09:16 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre
Reply to:
Subject: ALLSORTS-G8 moved due to RTS!

ALLSORTS-G8 moved due to RTS!

Hello All

We have just received this. Please act upon it!

At 6.30pm Tuesday 12th May the local BBC TV station in Birmingham ran the headline that the G8 leaders were being moved out of Birmingham on Saturday afternoon (16th) because of the security fears caused by protesters.

They also said that the leaders were being moved to a confidential country retreat in Shropshire / Staffordshire.

We have found out for definate that the location for their main meeting of the summit is Saturday afternoon at Weston Park, just off the A41, between Wolverhampton and Telford.

The location has been confirmed by the Foreign Office today.

One of our friends says they are very likely to be using RAF Cosford, 15 minutes drive from Weston Park, (next to Albrighton - just off the M54) for flights / communications / security centre.

The world leaders (multinational muppets!) are then going to see "All Saints"! play at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham city centre on Saturday night.

We reckon that a big Anarchist Teddy Bears Picnic would be excellent fun and nice and chilled, especially with so many fields to run around in, lots of trees to play in and lakes to swim in.

Keep it fluffy - bring the kids, bouncy multinational castles and the EF! circus.

Obviously this can't be organised over e-mail - it's up to you to get together with your mates (affinity groups prefered) and decide where you are going to meet and what you are going to do.

We recommend that you take a good road atlas - the A to Z atlas shows all the places we have mentioned.

Banners, Drums, Whistles and other loud things! Colourful Costumes, Etc...

The closest railway station is Cosford!
Trains leave Birmingham New Street at the following times:
9.37 - 10.16 (arrive Cosford)
11.37 - 12.16
13.37 - 14.16
15.34 - 16.18 Change at Wolverhampton
17.37 - 18.16

Cheap day returns are £5.70, but you can get away with getting a single (£3.90 or £2.60 with a railcard) and blag the whole lot coming back!

The name of the action? - "You can run, but you can't hide!"

Love Leeds EF!

In support of GANDALF and with love to all at Menwith Hill US Spy Base - we know you are listening.

Cornerstone Resource Centre (

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