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Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 14:55:10 +0100 (BST)
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GLOBAL STREET PARTY - Toronto May 16th

The Global Street Party's happening on May 16, 1998. Toronto is one of more than 20 participating cities worldwide. May 16th, Noon. Meeting points are at Central Tech (Bathurst and Harbord) and Alexander Park (Dundas and Bathurst).

Since its repoliticised appearance in London in 1995, the street party has been erupting across the world with its collision of love and rage, carnival and revolution, politics and party. From Leeds to Sydney, Amsterdam to Edinburgh, Berlin to Tel Aviv, thousands of people have banished the car, danced defiantly, transformed privatised space and created their own local festivals of resistance.

On the Saturday the 16th of May Street parties will occur simultaneously across the globe. The date coincides with the 1998 G8 meeting in Birmingham (UK), where leaders of the eight largest economies meet to make decisions about the future of the planet and its peoples. They will then all fly to Geneva to celebrate the 50th anniversary of GATT. There they will sign more agreements which enable them to wrench ever more power and control away from local communities and siphon it into the self-appointed dictatorship that is the World Trade Organization.

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