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Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:31:57 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 165, 1 May 1998 (Part 1 of 2)

MEN IN BLACK - Teigngrace (Devon)

A disabled pensioner who was involved in the Teigngrace quarry campaign down in Devon came home to find two 'Bailiffs' had broken in and were playing with his computer. After discovering they were after his database and not Tetris, he understandably tried to phone the police, at which point he was shoulder charged to the floor, losing a tooth in the process. When he persisted in trying, they started blustering about warrants. Upon the eventual arrival of the police it transpired they didn't have one; then the pensioner found himself in a surreal dream as the police arrested him!

Until the 'Bailiffs' left that is, when he was promptly de-arrested. Who were they? Why were they not done for breaking & entering? Why does a giro never last more than a day? Only Devon & Cornwall old bill know the answer and they ain't telling. The pensioner and his wife are so freaked out the're considering leaving the country, so if you know a lawyer who would do a freebie on this one, let him know.

telephone contact: 01626 835 376

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