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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 22:49:11 +0300
Subject: stop press

Subject: News

from Awakening (Alternative monthly paper)
PO BOX 3607
TEL-AVIV 61036

Tel-Aviv crane occupation (Israel) - 6 activists occupy 50m crane for 4 days

Monday night 21st of April, activists trespassed Sea & Sun project [Africa Israel Investments] in Tel Aviv with climbing gear, food, a tent, cellular phone, bucket and banners. They protested against building on public beach.

According to the Israeli law you can not build at a distance of 100m from the shore. This residential area is 63m from the shore. The Mayor of Tel-Aviv bought an apartment at Sea & Sun. He is planning to bring out a law that will give municipalities the special rights for abusing the coast.

The other protesters came in on one of the evening we had a beach party. On the next morning member of parliament, Dedy Zuker, climbed up and brought them food and promised to talk to the mayor of Tel Aviv. The mayor wouldn't discuss the issue at all. The commercial channel sent a crew to film the activists, but the owner stopped it from being broadcasted, cause he has a flat there.

photo 1 - building + protest support group + crane in background
photo 2 - close-up of crane + protestors
photo 3 - food supplies (pizzas) being brought to the protestors

TIH6 protest (Yavne)

On Thursday 27/3/98 posters were stuck up in the town Yavne (25 Km south of Tel-Aviv). The posters asked "On which road does the wife of the head of the coalition, Shitrit work on?". EcoConscience took the responsibility for the action.

Protesters from GreenAction, Green Society and Anonymous (Animal-Rights) had a vigil outside M.K. (member of knesset) Meir Shitrit's house on Wednesday morning in Yavne. Shitrit invited four of the protesters into his house to discuss TIH6 (Trans-Israel Highway No.6). They learnt about the politics in the knesset. Fortunately they claim that they did not come out empty handed, Shitrit promised to bring up a law for a better train service and privatization if we bring it to him. Our struggle must go on. Mr. and Mrs. Shitrit advised us to aim our protests and anger against members of government not the private companies. Mrs Ruti Shitrit is the spokeswoman for "Derech Eretz" the contractor of TIH6 central part. M.K. Meir Shitrit (Likud party) the head of the coalition, stopped Uzi Landau from bringing up a law to revise the Tih6 again. Some of the Green organizations suspect that there has been foul play. Bank Hapoalim are financing the TIH6.

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