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From: Christopher Hall
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 00:10:10 GMT
Subject: BNRR protests

A38 Greenwood Camp - Help Needed

I was recently involved in the campaign against the BNRR where I was resident at the camp at Greenwood on the A38 between Sutton Coldfield (where I live) and Lichfield. I have since returned to university in Dundee.

We are still desperate for people to join the campaign and for more donations such as food and shelter for tree houses.

Recently one of our squats, Boundary Cottage, was demolished in bad taste following the tragic death of a fellow protester. [see "R.I.P. - Dave 'Sorted' Richards"]

We need all the resources we can possibly get as time is quickly running out.

Any information that is of any more use I can forward but being so far away it can be hard due to the lack of time.

Chris Hall

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