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From: "SchNEWS"
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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 11:15:46 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 160, 27 March 1998

Kingston PPF Eviction (Surrey)


Helicopters and riot police hit Kingston at 5.30am on Tuesday to evict the Peoples Popular Front from a 53ft tower, a tree village and tunnels (SchNEWS 143). Activists have dug in to protect the 56 poplar trees A figure of 100,000 ukp has now been cited as the value for a riverside view. SchNEWS spoke to protestors via mobile phone as tree climbers worked to pull them out one by one: "Police have been punching people in the face. We are in the top of the tower and they are coming up the ladders as I speak. There are climbers all around and others smashing at the bottom with sledgehammers."

More than 100 police, 140 security guards and 35 sheriff's officers arrived on the first day of the eviction.Two people, Justin & Elf, were still in the tunnels today (Thurs morn'). Police offered a deal- if they came out, 30 people would be allowed on the site for a media stunt.One campaigner told SchNEWS: "The consensus was 100% - "fuck off'". Only 20 trees still stand and feelings are running high amongst local residents.

* Canbury Gardens, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.
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