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Date: 20 Mar 1998 16:14:57 -0000
From: Guy Bar-Oz
Subject: Re: Trans-Israel highway


Campaign against the Trans-Israel Highway

The 'Trans-Israel' highway, also known as highway 6, is going to be the largest transportation project in Israel. The highway will cross the country from north to south. Some parts of the highway will be toll-roads. Even so, it is not going to relieve the traffic congestion that plague us today and will become even more severe as more than 100,000 new cars hit the roads every year. As usual the construction of the highway will demolish nature.

Direct Action wasn't used as seen in England, and campaigners don't know about its benefits. The main stream organizations are impotent and unable to do their work, because of political reasons, they get money from the government. Most of the protests are fluffy and we are loosing the battle.

We are a small group of 20 people from the DIY movement, Greens, Squatters, Animal Rights activist, Peace activist, anti military activist, Anarchist and others. We publish Zines and other publications in hebrew. We are not asking for money, but for your support.

We need information on how to stop roads, organize street party's, how to network with local communities, Bring people out to the streets. We also need pictures, films and videos on road campaigns. We have Road Raging Top Tips for Wrecking Road building. If you have any other information web sites, publications please let us know.

Our address:

DIY Alternative Press
POBox 3607
TEL AVIV 61036

Help us Network, email our pledge to other groups, publish it in your publications. We need all the help we can get. For more information on the Trans-Israel Highway and fluffy pictures of fluffy protests, visit the following web-sites -

Help us make a difference,
10x in advance,
Guy Bar-Oz

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