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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 19:56:58 +0000
From: (Road Alert!)
Subject: ROAD RAGING #2: reprint now available

Now Available......


This illustrated 230-page A5-format book has now been reprinted and updated. It shares experiences of nonviolent direct action against roadbuilding in Britain from Twyford Down in 1992 to Newbury in 1996. It is not a coffee table history book, but a practical guide for action. It covers a wide range of subjects, including building a campaign from scratch, action tactics, publicity, camps, the law, bureaucrat baiting, evictions, extensive contacts and resources, and much more!

> From reviews of the first printing.............

"The best campaign guide ever!"
- Corporate Watch Magazine

"A distillation of the experiences of hundreds of activists who cut their teeth on the frontline. It is a developer's nightmare.....equally applicable to an airport, a coalmine or a quarry.....from organising meetings and writing press releases through to building tree houses and creating hygienic camps."
- The Guardian

"The guide urges the targeting of contractors, consulting engineers, surveyors and financiers, and has been condemned by contractors."
- Construction News

"Best value activist handbook to appear this year.....a deliciously thick, thorough guide to all aspects of anti-roads direct action."
- Contraflow

"This book is incredibly wonderful. It is so user-friendly, with many photos and excellent illustrations.....If you are not involved in campaigning against the destruction of the environment at the moment, you never know when you will be.....some day soon you may need it - so get hold of a copy, get clued up and get to it!"
- Clean Slate (the journal of the Centre for Alternative Technology)

To get a copy, send a cheque /PO for:
4 ukp (England, Scotland, Wales, North of Ireland)
5 ukp (Europe)
6 ukp (Rest of World)

payable to Road Alert!, PO Box 5544, NEWBURY, RG14 7YB, ENGLAND.

Please note this is cost price only, including post and packing. Please pay more if you can afford it, so we can pay our debts, and give free / cheap copies to really poor campaigns.

Please also print this notice in your newsletter or magazine, order the book from your local libraries, quoting the ISBN number, and ask local bookshops to stock it.

Contact us for bulk orders, or can help distribute in any other way. The book has no cover price, so you can sell it on for what you think is reasonable.....

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