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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:16:13 -0000
From: (Tony Delaney) (Weed)
Subject: RE: Roads, estates and developments.

Irlam Play Area, Salford

There is an area of land which has been used as a children's play area for as long as anyone can remember, walking dogs and just getting away from the town. It hosts a variety of flora and fauna and is particularly well known for its frog population.

It is in Irlam, Salford between the A57 and the Manchester ship canal. The central Grid Reference is SJ 725 941.

It is a an area of untouched wildlife and is the only piece of land like it. It has well trodden footpaths all over it, but none or maybe only one actually 'designated'. Once there you are in wilderness and cannot easily see any buildings, which bearing in mind it is in the middle of Salford is a minor miracle! My children and I camp there several times a year and I have camped there for over 30 years.

In my view it is an area of very special interest it hosts a wide variety of frogs, birds and numerous other creatures. It has many mature trees.

Ms Louise H Morrissey of Manchester Ship Canal Company Quay West Trafford Wharf Road Manchester M17 1PL is planning on putting an estate on it, remove about a square mile of hillside and generally destroy Irlams last link with nature. The estate is planned to cram in around 350 houses with little or no provision for play areas - MAXIMUM PROFIT is the only objective. Before removing nearly one square mile of hillside, which is around 40 feet high, they intend burning the whole site! We believe the company also trades under the name of PEEL ESTATES.

And the locals do not want it. The locals all seem resigned to the inevitable but as is often the case apathy is rampant!

It turns out that general permission was sneaked through a couple of ago. Funny thing is none of the locals were aware of this until now. Councillor Jones, who is in favour of more housing, reckons everyone was properly informed and that the Unitary Development Plan was widely publicised and there were no objections to outline building permission. Strangely though, when a more detailed application was spotted by a local, a Residents Association quickly formed. At a local public meeting only a couple of people claimed to be aware of the original Unitary Development Plan. It is generally felt that it is too late to have that plan overturned even though it is patently clear that virtually nobody knew about it!

Please visit this site. It is very accessible and great for overnight camping and mountain biking with two local superstores on its doorstep you can get breakfast and a good wash at Tesco's bathroom!

Drop me an Email at and I will gladly send you a map. You will need to run MS Word or similar.


1. Check in your area for the Unitary Development Plan. It should be available from your local council or the library. Do not expect notices to be put up where the action is. No, this will be hidden quite legally in places that those who enjoy the outdoors are least likely to go!

2. Do not trust your local councillors to protect wildlife or run public meetings with your interests at heart.


full location details

The site is located at grid reference SJ 725 941.
long 2 deg 27 min, lat 53 deg 27 min 40 sec.
Information found on: Landranger series M 726, Sheet 109, Edition 9-GSGS 3/94/940302 S
Between the end of Ferryhill Road and Fairhills Rd (just before you get to Kwiksave)

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