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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 21:59:04 +0100
From: (Chris Maile)
Subject: News from Lancashire



Massive opposition is developing to oppose plans to build what will be Europe's largest indoor Ski Centre next to Pennington Flash a site of special biological interest, the site with all of its satelite projects will become the UKs largest indoor leisure complex.

The domed building will be 230ft high, with the whole site most of which will end up under tarmac for the 3000 car spaces needed will cover 70 acres, there will be the usual shops, cinema, an aquatic centre and the Snow Centre which will produce real artificial snow burning 2050 cubic metres of gas every hour to fuel the refrigerator.

Wildlife effected will include, loss of amphibian habitats, loss of lapwing winter feeding area's, loss of breeding habitat for Sky Larks, loss of hunting habitat for kestrel and Owls, The potential loss of bat roosts sites, The encroachment onto a primary wildlife corridor, Alteration to the water course of Westleigh Brook, ......... and so on, all taken from the develops own literature.

The project is the brain child of Wigan MBC, who own the site and are pushing it through, with no resistance at all until local Green Party member Chris Maile (yes all at RA, its me, see below for info on Party at Stanworth), came on the scene and helped organise massive resistence with 3 public meetins packed to capacity, and the sudden resignation of a local Labour Councillor, leaving the road open for a quick election where Chris will fight the Labourr Candidate on the straight issue of Xanadu.

A picnic is planned for Sunday the 28th at the site, all welcome.

At the moment it is still in the planning application stage, so we do not need any camps, but watch this space.



The infamous Stanworth Viaduct [on the M65; building it required evicting over 40 treehouses from the valley] is nearing completion, and will be opened in the near future, there could very well be a celebration Party, and all past tenats and occupiers of this once beutiful valley are invited to attend, bring musical instrument, food, drink and have fun (remember the Greenpeace day).

Sorry no date as yet (they have not announced when it will be), but will post info ASAP after we know.



Success in the Lancashire hills as North West Water back down over plans to build a theme park in Lever Park which was given to the people in 1902 to be free for all time, after a very successful campaign by locals and Green Party activists.

They are now attempting to negociate with the Action Group, who are trying to buy (or get for free) NWWs interest in the Park.

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