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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 00:58:52 +0100
From: (Road Alert!)
Subject: It's back..... not much to do with roads

RTS / Liverpool Dockers MYSTERY TOUR and party action 29th September


Reclaim the Streets dancing into action with the dockers
*Two years locked out - time to win it!*

London Victoria 10am Monday 29 September. Train fare 12.50 ukp. Bring drums and instruments.

Beyond the old-skool: dockers, rockers and ravers - come one and all!

Two years since the sacking of the 480 Liverpool dockers, Blair and his pals are gathering for their conference. It's down to us to change things. Let us unite to celebrate our collective visions.

The myth was that a change of government would somehow change this country for the better. But still the dockers are locked out of their own port, the road moster rages on, the oil industry spews its crap , the asylum seekers are imprisoned, our genes are being spliced, the arms deals get signed, the parties are being stopped and all they can offer us is a Plastic Dome.

Is there any hope bubbling up through the cracks? Only when we refuse to conform to the labels in which capitalism expects our action to be constrained. When we refuse to recognise bad laws. When we refuse to acept bondage to profiteering corporations. When we party. When, in short, we get together for action.

Some things you might want to bring: water, pixies, sugar, snacks, carpets, lock-ons, tunes and an imagination.

Telephone info: Reclaim the Streets 0171-281 4621.

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