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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 00:58:52 +0100
From: (Road Alert!)
Subject: It's back..... not much to do with roads

News from Germany

Thueringer Forest Motorway ...

For the second time activists have squatted land on the route of the most expensive motorway to be built in Germany. The motorway will cut through the thueringen forest with numerous bridges and viaducts. On the weekend of the 16th and 17th on August activists squatted the land and in just two built platforms and treehouses. On monday afternoon the police arrived with clinbers to evict the tree protestors. This proved too difficult and the police switched tactics to removing all protestors on the ground and surrounding the trees with a police courdon. At this time one person was arrested but later released in the day.

For over a week the protestors have been refused food or water by the police and at the moment only two protestors remain in the trees. The others were evicted after a visit by a doctor who said the police were able to evict the protestor "to protect them" after so long without food or water. This typical reaction by the Thueringer police follows the last eviction in below zero temperatures (in december) when the police surrounded the trees and removed all food, water and blankets from the trees, leaving the protestors to starve and freeze.

A17 Hut village.

At the end of July the hut village was attacked by fascists who burned down the large tipi that was situated at the entrance to the village. By chance no one was sleeping in the Tipi at the time - this was not usual and the tipi was used as a comunal area - with many people sleeping there.

Rudolf Hess "memorial weeks"
The anniversary of the death of the nazi Rudolf Hess is celebrated every year by fascists in Germany and this year was no different. Although the fascists in mosts parts of Germany were unable to march due to either the police! or Antifa (AFA) actions against them. The weekend of the 16th/17th saw the culmination of fascist activities and the Hut village was on "full alert". A few hours before it was dark a small number of police arrived and informed the people in the village that the police have been tipped off that the village would be attacked overnight. Barricades were soon built on the supporters from all over the Dresden area arived to support the village.

Luckily - (for the fascists) they did not arrive - although information from Antifa (AFA) suggests that the fascists met in a pub not far from the village but there "leader!" did not arrive and for these reasons the hut village was not (then) attacked.

The next weekend hut villagers were again faced by a fascist attack. A group of about 8 fascists arrived at the camp and attacked one person who was alone at the other end of the village.

Support the A17 hut village!!!

The hut village against the A20 was in July closed down after attacks by fascists made it increasingly difficult to keep the village going.

This must not happen to the A17 hut village!

Your support is needed now!

Huettendorf gegen A17,
Am Erlengrund 9a,
01462 Zoellmen.

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