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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 00:58:52 +0100
From: (Road Alert!)
Subject: It's back..... not much to do with roads

Flanders Action campaign

In Roeselare (Flanders, Belgium) we're campaigning against a new but useless road between Roeselare en Ieper. This road will run through the battlefield of Passendale (You Brittisch should know, World War I was terrible here, approx 500.000 brittisch soldiers died here).

In the weekend of 20 september we've planned an action camp. 3 to 500 people are expected to camp on a site near to the place where the new road is planned. On saturday 20th there is a manifestation.

It would be very nice to make this weekend international. We know in brittain you are active in campaigning against new roads. Some of you are tunneling or tree-climbing. It would be great if some of you were present on our weekends. We have workshops where we would listen to your stories, experiences and advices. And maybe it could end in real action.

Are you interested ? Are you coming ? We give you lodging and food. Maybe there are other interesting people and organisations you think we should contact.

Please mail us back as quick as possible.
Also if you aren't coming.

Thanks a lot.
And succes with your campaigns.

Eddy Demeersseman

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