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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 23:32:28 +0100
From: Reclaim The Streets
Subject: Mid-August Bumper Issue

More RTS in Finland

Reclaim The Streets II - Finland

Streets have been reclaimed again in Finland on saturday 9th of august.

This time in Tampere, the largest town after Helsinki. 1200 people blocked a major street near the railway station and the party kicked on from 12 to 6 pm after which we had a break before the all-night RTS-continuation party at the beach just a mile from the town center. The Police had said earlier that week that "because the Helsinki-RTS (17.5.1997) had been 'so peacefull' there would be no police intervention recuired" [they didn't know why to arrest us]. This time the media was there and we got our message through though the local paper wrote next morning that "the RTS-party had not troubled the traffic" ["Your resistance is futile - submit!"]. Are they trying to challenge us - should we perhaps block the whole town center next time...

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Tampere, Finland

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