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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 21:16:16 +0100
From: Road Alert!
Subject: Indexed message

Ruigoord Dutch Port Protest


News from the Ruigoord Groen Front Action Camp.

Hi there, this is a message for all of you who might want to come to The Netherlands for a nice action holiday.....hard NVDA in summer and we need loads of people. Its the first Dutch Earth First! Action Camp! We started on the 16th of July in Ruigoord, a wee tiny village outside of Amsterdam that has to disappear for a new harbour with a big area for poisoned soil.

Groen Front!

This is the Dutch Earth First! group, going for almost a year now, and growing. Untill now Green Front has been doing occupations of building sites for one day only giving the builders quite some loss of earnings because of one day of not building. Green Front keeps the EF! principles in defence of Mother Earth: Earth First!, No Compromise, No Violence. And they got really groovy Tshirts! A while ago a group of British EF!ers visited The Netherlands and trained Dutch activists in action methods like treeclimbing; together the groups occupied the building site for a parking garage and climbed in trees to protest against a new gas station.


This village has been under fire for quite a while, this is 25 years. In the beginning of the 70ties Amsterdam thought it needed a new harbour, the Afrikahaven, and evicted the small village; a group of artists and hippies squatted the village and is living there since. Several times procedures were started to start digging for the harbour but at the moment it really gets started. In spite of critics from the population, asking for a referendum (they did not get it), the Amsterdam government goes on with this claiming it will give lots of jobs and help the Amsterdam economy. This is disputable. Ruigoord and surrounding became a lively community for people and nature, quite some rare animals and plants are living around the hills and meadows of the village.

The Action Camp.

>From early morning wednesday the 16th on Green Front wants to start building up and action camp at Ruigoord. Supported by the inhabitants the idea is to have the camp as long as possible and do lots of actions fighting the harbour. Wood, rope, building materials, locks, all kinds of action materials is needed for the camp. And food, activists, musicians. Bring your ideas, tent, music instruments, friends etc etc. The camp wll concentrate on saving the nature area around Ruigoord. The inhabitants of the village are still in a legal battle over their village.


How To Get There:

There is a bus from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Railway station, bus 82 to IJmuiden. Get out at busstop Ruigoord (have a look at the harbour so you get an idea what they want to do to the village and its nature), walk over the sandy nature area to the village and get directions at the church or from the vilagers to the camp.


The action camp is growing, treehuts are getting build, a kitchen/bar is made, groups of people are visiting and sometimes bringing gifts that are really needed (tools, food etc.) or stay there for a few days or more Wednesday 23rd July we will become a Free State, independent from Amsterdam. We will have a ceremony around 14oo hrs at the camp where the first residents will get their passports and send a letter to the mayor of Amsterdam to tell him the news (including the news that Amsterdam plans and rules about the harbour are no longer valid). A big group of cyclists will come from Amsterdam to celebrate this with the Groenoord people, and an Amsterdam embassy may be opened soon. More info at the spot.

European Youth Forest Action

Postbus 94115, 1090 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31-20-665 7743       fax: +31-20-692 8757

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