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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 01:53:53 +0100
From: Road Alert!
Subject: Latest massages

Glen of the Downs for the chop????

URGENT: This beautiful nature reserve is about to be destroyed by the chainsaws of the road industry. Surveyors have been seen on site marking trees. The tenders are out and it is possible that Wicklow County Council could start chopping down forest at any time, preparing this valley for the motorway.

Interested in camping out for a few days? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Ropes, wood, fishing nets, food, music, high spirits and, most important, YOU and your friends are welcome. There is likely to be a tree house or two and some campfire tales.

Call the Garden of Delight for info.

How to get there: DART or BUS to Bray, then a bus/taxi (6) to Kilmacanogue. Or else take the Arklow bus from Busaras and ask to be dropped off at the Glen. It's just after the Glenview hotel.

This road will:
Eliminate the only known site in Ireland of a soldier fly (Oxycera fallenii). This is an endangered species at a European level also.
Eliminate the only known site in Ireland of the NON-BITING MIDGE (Paratanytarsus lauterborni).
There are four other species of Diptera wetland insects which are of international importance which will be lost.
Two species of moths (Microlepidoptera) of national importance will be lost.
The blackcap bird, which is fairly rare, will loose it's most of its breeding sites, as will the jay. The two families of grey wagtail that live on the river will loose their homes.

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A NATURE RESERVE!!!! The motorway will destroy the scenic value of the area and destroy tourism jobs. It will mean more noise and more pollution. All the western world has seen sharp increases in asthma - they are due to the motor car. The road will be used for the wealthy commuters who can live in the clean air in the countryside. THIS ROAD IS NOT NEEDED!!!! It will cost millions but only shave a few minutes off the traveling time. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF ALTERNATIVE ROUTES. WHY PUT IT THROUGH A NATURE RESERVE???

Local people use this area to walk, exercise their dogs, have picnics and generally enjoy nature. The motorway will destroy this and in return, all we get is a few minutes closer to Dublin. Is it really worth spending millions of tax payers money - YOUR MONEY - to destroy a forest and increase pollution??

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