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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 13:47:55 +0100
From: Earth First
Subject: Action Update - June email edition

Grimsby A16

The Peaks Parkway project is a planned 5km diversion of the A16 through Grimsby. For much of its course the road will follow the line of the old Grimsby-Louth railway. Several groups have formed to oppose the building of this road on various grounds: the road is routed along an important section of green belt and recreational space, it will take in part of the site of an Iron Age village, it will divide two schools from their catchment areas and it will run through a densely populated residential area causing the compulsory purchase of homes and gardens. Traffic patterns around Grimsby have changed dramatically since the road was first proposed over 20 years ago and the planned development is now being described as obselete, before it is even built.

Over the last few weeks local residents have initiated peaceful protests on the site, including holding parties and jumping in and out of the contractor, Birse's, compound. Protestors have also marched through the city centre bearing a coffin containing a tree. To date campaigners have had 9 arrests for obstruction and aggravated trespass and 3 school children have been charged with a criminal offence for trying to stop the destruction of trees, hedgerows and wildlife.

Help is needed - camping space is available and about 20 of the houses on route are lying empty. All are welcome to the campaigners' Solstice Party.

For further info contact STROPP (Stop the Road on Peaks Parnham) 01472 278845.

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