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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 13:47:55 +0100
From: Earth First
Subject: Action Update - June email edition

Protest camp at Wyndham Hill

Wyndham Hill, in Yeovil, is bordered on three out of four sides by concrete, development and car parks. It is a precious fragment of natural habitat, topped by 4 old lime trees. On the open part of the hill is an unbroken view of the Dorset border, marked by the river Yeo. Nestling into the hill is a popular river walk used by thousands. Now all of this is threatened by 'development'.

There have been plans to develop the hill in the past. In 1994 Sainsbury's plans to build a store on the site were scuppered. They also intended to fund a 'bypass' that would have destroyed the riverside walk and conveniently acted as an access road for them. Using a combination of lobbying and direct action Sainsbury's were well and truly persuaded to give up! This year South Somerset District Council produced a draft plan, showing that they intended to trash the hill by building a carpark and link road on it. Now they have seven tree houses with more on the way and underground tunnels to contend with. The tunnels go under an existing car park which the council has had to close through fear of subsidence - it will soon be used for more useful things, like growing cabbages and beans!

The main camp has been in place for over two months. It's on the edge of a 16th century country estate which will also be trashed if the "Evil Lords of Tarmac" get their way. There are about thirty residents at present and they've had massive local support (a "Beep for Wyndham" sign has had to be taken down because the beeping was continuous!). Eviction orders have been given, a court case held and they've been ordered to leave forthwith. Activists believe that this is a winnable campaign so are encouraging people to join them as soon as possible.

Contact 01935 863349 for info.

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