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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 13:47:55 +0100
From: Earth First
Subject: Action Update - June email edition

Pressmennan Eight

Eight people have been arrested near Pressmennan Wood in East Lothian and charged under an 1865 Act which was passed to stop dispossessed crofters occupying their crofts during the Highland clearances. These arrests took place at the camp set up in protest at plans to fell ancient oak trees at Pressmennan.

Pressmennan Wood north contains over 1000 mature oak trees which are at least 200 years old. Plans are afoot however to fell 360 trees for sale to a timber company.

Since the original camp was evicted in mid April another camp has been set up in the adjacent Meiklerig woodland. As well as the oak trees the area targetted for felling also includes majestic beeches and ancient Caledonian pine. Contact 0131 657 4392 for info and answers to questions such as: Should landowners be able to exploit nature for profit? Do landowners have any less power than in 1865

? How could initial bail conditions banning the arrestees from the whole county of East Lothian be justified?

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