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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 16:12:20 +0000
From: Dazed and Confused
Subject: Nick Clague 'Mayday Mayday'

Press Release

Dazed & Confused Gallery

Nick Clague 'Mayday Mayday'

Nick Clague has spend close to two years documenting the lives of the protestors of Fairmile, Newbury and Bollin wood, Cheshire.

His work explores the relationship between the personal and political,the enfranchised and the powerless- and steers a problematic course between the realism and romanticism inherent in 'Direct action'

Moving from portraiture to landscape and back again amidst a panorama of fragile eco-systems, tunnels, bypasses and Boeings, Clague's is an intimate and unjudgmental lens which situates the personal deeply within the political. His empathy with the protestors, achieved through having lived for long periods amid the trees and tunnels of the camps in question, establishes an understanding of the motivations and methods of this last stand of political activism, deconstructing the mediated star-system of activism and protest in contemporary Britain.

'Mayday Mayday' by Nick Clague opens at the Dazed & Confused Gallery. 112 Old St, London EC1V 9BD. 7th June to 4th July

Private View Friday 6th June 7pm.
If you are interested in coming to the opening, Email us.

Nearest Tube Old St Underground, Exit 6.
For further information or tranparencies contact Beverly Luckings The Blak Agency. 0181 960 1462. fax.0181 964 1355

Dazed & Confused
112 Old Street

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