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Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 17:50:43 GMT
From: The CND staff team
To: Road Alert! ,
Subject: Re: NEWS

Youth CND is organising a peace camp and demo at Aldermaston AWE - the UK's bomb factory and site of so many lovely radioactive leaks. The camp will take place from the 7th-10th August and the demo on the 9th August (there will be actions taking place all over the world) - Nagasaki day, the day that the second atomic bomb was dropped. Come and make your voice heard - for the day or for the weekend. Phone 0171 607 3616 for more info

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Watch out for the CND 'Trafficin Trident Tour' of the UK 17 May 1997 - 28 May 1997.

Proper healthcare or decent schools? - Can't afford them.......500 new nuclear weapons? - No problem!

CND is part of ABOLITION 2000 - A global network to eliminate nuclear weapons

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