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Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:12:04 +0100
From: Road Alert!
Subject: Genetically Engineered Foods - actions + poem

During the Global days of action against Genetically Engineered food and crops two weeks ago, there were over forty supermarket actions against GE foods throughout the UK. They took many different shapes and forms. All of them made more customers and management aware of the growing concern of GE food.

More details available from or tel. 0171 561 9146.

In London, actions will be continuing weekly each Saturday, meeting at 12noon, insideVictoria British Rail station, outside WH Smith. Bring along drums leaflets ideas and energy.

PLEASE NOTE that although we will go to a different supermarket each week we will meet at the same time and at the same place each week. So if you cannot make it this time then try to make it next week or the week after.

These actions are put together by no particular group but individuals from many including Genetic Engineering Network, Friends of the Earth, Reclaim the Streets, Women's Environmental Network (WEN) and concerned consumers from all over London. Join us.


This song is scarily real:

Designer Kids by Theo Simon

Goodbye faery, cripple and yid get a clone of your own designer kid,
Kids no doting Mother ever had, created by Select-a-Dad,
We're the market leaders in the race to privatise the human face,
We cracked the code of the chromasome with a logo guaranteed on every bone.

Goodbye guesswork, fanny or dick, biotech select the sex you pick
Mix and Match for colour and size, with the ears of a prince or Einstein's eyes,
And if you've got a gene that the future needs Select-a-Dad will bank your seeds
And if you've got a gene that didn't ought to be, there's a free vasec or hysterectomy.

Goodbye curse of bloody Motherhood, those labour pains have gone for good
There's no danger there's no fuss with a new designer uterus
Designer girls don't reproduce, they're just for recreational use
Selected for servility with a lifetime money back guarantee

Goodbye pain and bothersome bugs, hello to a body with built in drugs,
Hydrid flesh that'll never go bad, created by Select-a-Dad
Select-a-Dad comes to you from the fathers of the atom bomb,
the chernobyl genocide, asbestos and thalidomide.

Oh goodbye world gone horribly wrong the march of progress marches on
Delivering strength, delivering joy in a blonde and a blue eyed bargain boy
And if that infant later on says foster Daddy where did I come from
Say a womb, a room, a white walled lab, the brain child of Select-a-Dad.

Goodbye conscience chicken and cow get a burger without cruelty now
Beefsteak culture growing on a shelf, the meat that'll cook and eat itself
There's a big mac logo kids'll love on the wings of a new designer dove
A factory forest and so much more, you've no idea what shit's in store.

Goodbye ancient mystery, the call of the wild is history
We'll weed out indigenous sperm with the aid of a smart designer germ
Select the hot shots that we need for a cleaner, leaner meaner breed
A gene elite in a righteous war to waste whatever was on earth before.

Goodbye evolutionary gene, we have beavered away in secrecy
Laboured and brought forth a son, the immortal polymer rised one
With a perfect skin, perfect skill, to do his father's perfect will
On a world forever in his control,a playground for selected souls.

Goodbye gullible homo sapiens, you believed your deceivers were your friends
Trusted us to change your lot, till you lost the only lot you've got
Select-a-Dad would like to thank the cream of the cream of the donor bank.

And on your Mother's grave we swear,
Though we have left you in the lurch,
We shall not cease from your research,
Till we can resurrect the toss, of the Fuhrer whose idea it was.

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