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Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 23:48:30 +0100
From: Road Alert!
Subject: M11 - protest letters


After a two year delay the final contract was awarded for the M11 Link road in East London . A local council report states that the road will be operating at full capacity on its opening day. The road is a waste of time, money and has mashed some once beautiful places. The point of this message is that the local MP Harry Cohen who always opposed the road and helped the campaign against it, is now part of this unfathomed beast, the New Labour Government. We have had word that he wants to receive lots of letters against the road with constructive suggestions about what to do about it. eg- Cease all work immediately, return top soil then start planting trees and community vegetable gardens. Half built constructions could be turned into recreation facilities eg. climbing walls, swimming pools, sand pits etc with a little work... Monuments to the turning tide at The Chestnut Tree, The Independent States of Wanstonia, Leytonstonia and Euphoria and Claremont Road.

Basically write anything you like but please write. Who knows they might be for real.

Harry Cohen MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 2PW

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