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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 12:32:20 +0000
From: Road Alert!

Dear All,

Please get this advert printed in or forwarded to, any publications you know, and send it out on your own mailing lists. We can't take orders by e-mail, but hopefully we will get it posted on the www one day. We still need cash for printing, so please be generous when ordering.

Available soon...
ROAD RAGING : Top Tips for Wrecking Road Building.

This book shares experiences of Nonviolent Direct Action against road building in Britain from Twyford Down in 1992 to Newbury and Fairmile in 1997. This is not a coffee-table history book, but a practical, illustrated guide for action. It is a total rewrite of "The Compleat Anti-Road Protester" which was written in 1994.

"Road Raging" includes ideas on setting up non-hierarchical groups from scratch, an up-to-date legal section (for England and Wales), publicity, camps, evictions, on-site actions, bureaucrat baiting, street parties and lots more.

Although the emphasis is on roads, we hope that many of the ideas described in "Road Raging" could be used to help spark NVDA against other environmentally destructive projects, such as airports, housing developments, out of town shopping centres, multinational-owned burger bars, nuclear power stations / waste storage facilities, genetic engineering test sites, agribusiness and factory farming. We also hope that it will be of use to people in other countries.

For a copy, send at least 3 ukp payable to Road Alert! (this is cost price, not including postage) to:
Road Alert! PO Box 5544, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5FB.
If you can afford more, we can send free copies to really poor NVDA campaigns.

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