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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 20:27:57 +0000
From: Reclaim the Streets!
Subject: Action 12th/13th April - Never Mind The Ballots!

As they say...."never mind the ballots, what about the rest of our lives?!" This event is well worth supporting as an active diversion from the 5-yearly cross-in-a-box ceremony of faith in politicians, which we are forced to spectate.

The event info follows.

Never Mind The Ballots... Reclaim The Streets!
A Two Day Festival of Resistance!

Reclaim The Streets (RTS) - the direct action network renowned for its road blockades and massive Street Parties - is organising a 'Two Day Festival of Resistance!' in London on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April.

On Saturday the 12th of April RTS will join with the Liverpool Dockers, the Women of the Waterfront, the Hillingdon Hospital Workers and many others on a 'March for Social Justice,' called to highlight the need for basic social change. While sharing this aim RTS believe that such a change will be brought about, not through the mediation of professional politicians, but by individual and collective participation in social affairs. In short by direct action. They urge activists and supporters to, "attend the march with the expectation that an RTS-style event will 'coincidentally' occur".

On Sunday 13th the 'Two Day Festival of Resistance!' will continue, with as yet to be announced events.

An RTS activist said, "With the increasingly meaningless ritual of the general election drawing near and with the main political parties committed to 'more of the same,' or at best 'tinkering with the details', what can be done by those with a vision of a liberated, green society? Vote for the 'lesser evil'? Work for change 'inside the system'? Reclaim The Streets believe there is another way: take direct action in the streets, in the fields and in the workplace, to halt the destruction and create a direct democracy in a free and ecological society".

To be involved in the 'Two Day Festival of Resistance!' join the 'March for Social Justice' that meets 12 noon at Kennington Park, London.

For further details contact:

Reclaim The Streets
PO Box 9656
London N4 4JY
Telephone: 0171 281 4621

Reclaim the Streets Tel: 0171 281 4621
P.O. Box 9656 London N4 4JY

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