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Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 14:19:20 +0000
From: Reclaim The Streets

The legal battle to save some of the last oaks of the Caledonian Forest at Pressenman Woods near Edinburgh has failed. A handful of people who were evicted from the woods earlier this year are now keeping an eye on the trees from a camp about one mile from the woods. They need urgent assistance to prevent the oaks ending up as dashboards for a German car manufacturer. For more details contact Faslane Peace camp on: 01436 820901 or 01343 850 225.

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On the East Coast of Scotland, twenty five miles from Edinburgh, lies a tiny fragment of the once immense Caledonian forest that covered large areas of Scotland. This piece of 13,000 year old oak woodland is yet another area that has fallen into the hands of the people that put profit before life. John Kinnaird, the local landowner, along with the Forestry Commission, wants to cut around 350 mature oaks to "thin the wood for the enjoyment of future generations." What they fail to realise is that such an amount of thinning would severely damage the eco-system within the wood and would open the wood to potentially devastating wind damage, never mind the fact that each tree has a Tree Protection Order (TPO) on it.

Once the trees have been cut they are likely to be sold to a German car manufacturer to make dashboard veneers, so it is not hard to see why they are so eager to thin the wood. If there is a big enough number of people opposed to the scheme it is likely that they will back down. A camp has already been set up so come and defend this priceless piece of Scotland. For more details contact: 0131 228 2193 or 01368 850630.

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