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Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 00:52:13 +0000
From: Motherearth Office Bel
Subject: need you!!


Dear fellow activists..

I am working on organising large actions next july to stop the construction of the Temelin nuclear power plant(NPP) (Czech Republic) and the Mochovce nuclear power plant (Slovakia).

This all fits in the campaign to stop the expansion of the western nuclear industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Besides organising the "Clean Energy Brigades", volunteers installing energy saving techniques in houses in polluted areas and in the area of the NPP, we will organise a range of NON VIOLENT DIRECT ACTIONS at both of the plants.
We are aiming on having an ongoing blockade at Temelin for at least a week, and another one later that month at Mochovce.
All together the whole month will be used to give a clear signal: stop nuclear power!!!
Of course we wont forget the fun and social aspect and have invited some groovy bands to come and make concerts...


We need loads of people to join us at the actions,
tree defenders
road protestors
hunt sabs

whatever..just come over to the country of the Velvet Revolution!!

What I would like to know:

-Does your group have a newsletter or an electronic mailinglist, where I could publish an article on/ invitation for these actions? (with some more background, dates and contactpoints)

-Can I send some flyers to your group and will you be able to spread them?

- Would people from your group be able to come? ( knowing that special busses will leave from Amsterdam)

For a nuclear free world!!
Krista van Velzen
on behalf of For Mother Earth International
Za Matku Zem (For Mother Earth Slovakia)
Hnuti DUHA ( Friends of the Earth Czech Republic)
this message was send to you by
Ms. K. van Velzen

*For Mother Earth Belgium
Gewad 15 9000 Gent Belgium
tel +32-9-2334924 fax 2337302
*PIANO: Praha International Anti Nuclear Office
Chvalova 3 Praha 3 13000 Praha Czech Republic
tel +42-2-90006109/90031895

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