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From: Jo Makepeace (
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 15:06:42 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: SchNEWS 660, Friday 19th December 2008

Weymouth Relief Road camp expecting eviction papers


The Weymouth Relief Road protest is still going on strong, after setting up in the early hours of last Thursday (11th). The camp has got one large tree house in an oak, attached to other treehouse structures, as well as the "grand camp" next door, which is on neighbouring land owned by the Woodland Trust.

Yesterday (18th), the protesters were in court and after losing the case, are expecting eviction papers to be delivered today. Being the festive season it"s going to be harder to raise a private bailiff team anytime soon, but there could be an attempted eviction this Monday (22nd). The grand camp - on separate land - would require its own eviction papers, and is likely to remain at least until after Xmas.

The site is in an ancient woodland in Dorset, which the proposed plan would duff over for a £84 million relief road.

The crew need more numbers - particularly on Monday morning if bailiffs arrive - and there is also a tat request list including warm clothes, food, rope and climbing gear.

For directions call 07792717821 or see

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