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From: climber
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 12:08:01 -0000
Subject: update - AROOGA !!!

UPDATE - Weymouth - Two Mile Copse / Teddy Bear Woods - 15 Dec 2008

we have an address of sorts (see below), and donations and xmas gifts would be great !!!

Cash is ok to send as it is a secure post box
Also need AAA and AA batteries - Duracell and Energiser or alkaline ONLY
Rope - Green or blue polypropelene - 6mm or 10mm thickness
Rope - Static climbing line - 10mm or larger
Rope - Dynamic climbing line - any thickness
Rope - arborist lines - we have 2 tree surgeons living with us and this rope is useful

second hand rope is normally FREE from climbing centres - indoor centres often throw their ropes out every 6 -9 months - just call in and ask for it

Tarps, plastic sheeting, tarpaulines
Tools - hammers, nails, saws, pruning saws, bill hooks
2 way radios, nightvision goggles, catapults (to get rope up), grappling hooks. Head torches - LED are best

The Woodland Trust still own the land that the road is being built on, but have waived their 14 days notice period and told Dorset County Council that it is ok to get on with cutting down the Ancient woodland - basically they have thrown in the towel without even standing up to argue or delay the destruction on their land. The fact that the Woodland Trust still own the land was recordered in the Court case of the 18th December 2008 of Dorset County Council 'v' Persons Unknown in Weymouth County Court. Her Majesty's Land Registry in Plymouth also confirmed it.

The people of Weymouth brought Two Mile Copse through public subscription. Local people dug deeply into their pockets and put their money into conserving the land for perpeturity, for us and all future generations. Dorset County Council have so far not given one penny in compensation, either to the Woodland Trust, nor local people who raised the public money to preserve the wood in the first place.


More updates -

Hi Ho! HO! Ho!

Living up 6 trees at weymouth - Two Mile Copse / Teddy Bear Woods. I helped fight against this road back in 1996, and 2004 and we won it then. BUT now they gone and done it and cut 70% of the trees..... We have a 400 year old Oak in Ancient Woodland that we're protecting and 4 Ash trees reaching 90 feet up into the sky. Also a tall and healthy young Elm. We have a tree house, a net, lots of walkways in the sky and an off route visitors site on the ground.

GET HELP + MEDIA now if u can.

2 Mile Copse Protest Camp
c/o Lorton Barn
Lorton Lane
Weymouth DT3 5QH

Sorry - we currently are in the process of arranging a site mobile phone - number to follow shortly


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