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Fri 3rd Oct 2008

Eastern Greens Say 'No' to Quarry at Waveney Forest!

A proposed quarry/gravel pit at Fritton Woods/Waveney Forest has drawn a huge protest from Eastern residents. On Friday 3rd October a petition of over 10,000 signatures was submitted to the County Planning Officer at Norwich County Hall and the Green Party's Rupert Read was on hand to deliver a supportive speech. The main objections to the plans are -

1. Half of the proposed site is within the Broads Authority National Park. The very notion of a gravelpit in a National Park is somewhat absurd.

2. The site is the only woodland serving Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft and is regularly used by locals for recreational activities.

3. The woods are home to a large variety of wildlife, from unique birds to deer. An ecologist regularly does tours of the flora and fauna to be found though the forest.

4. The woods are recorded and have pages in the online Norfolk Heritage site. English Heritage has described WWI and WWII relics found in the woods as 'unique'.

5. Road access to the proposed site would add to the already congested status quo the A143 must already be well up to capacity.

6. Of the 108 sites proposed for quarrying, only about three involve woodland. Surely there are opportunities elsewhere to provide for Norfolk's 'East of England Plan' sand quota without mutilating 300 acres of forest. There is a blanket Tree Preservation Order on the forest and the Great Yarmouth Tree Officer describes the idea as catastrophic.

7. A large, commercial pit would obviously have a negative impact on the quality of life for nearby residents of this lovely quiet area.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the campaign can contact Keith Nunn at Fritton Action Rescue via email at

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