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Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2008 12:44:29 +0100
Subject: Titnore Woods - send in objections!

Titnore objections deadline 9 October 2008


IT IS crucial that everyone opposed to the disastrous Titnore Woods development gets their objection in to Worthing Borough Council as soon as possible. Owing to the short time available (final deadline is October 9), it is not going to be possible for campaigners to get the message across to everyone who supports the struggle. Therefore, we are asking all of you to help by distributing information to your friends, neighbours, colleagues etc - can you put some leaflets and sample letters through doors in your street, for example? Or forward this email to anyone you can think of!

To help with the process, there are printable versions of a leaflet and a sample letter to the council on our website at There's nothing official about these - it would be great if people wrote their own letters, but with people's lives so busy we thought it would help to have something ready to send in.

The stall went well on Saturday - it managed to avoid the rain completely - and, weather permitting, there will be another one next week, from 11am on Saturday September 13, in Montague Place (near McDollar's). Don't forget the tidy-up at the site from 10am on Sunday September 21 and the open day from 2pm on Sunday September 28.

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