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From: worthing eco-action (
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 11:57:57 +0100
Subject: news

Titnore news from Protect Our Woodland - July 2008

It seems that Tesco is on the point of going ahead with its massive new store next its current one in West Durrington and is expected to move onto the land shortly. The development, next to Titnore Woods, will include an extension of Fulbeck Avenue to the new megastore.

Meanwhile, the slighly amended plans for the housing development are also getting closer to submission, it appears.

A request has come from the woodland defenders for spades, forks and any gardening tools you might have no further use for. Items can be collected from around the Worthing area or taken direct to Camp Titnore.

There is also a request for help to clear an area of ragwort (yellow weed dangerous to animals) in the field close to the camp. If you can spare an hour or two it would be much appreciated. Follow this link for directions -

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