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From: Jo Makepeace (
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 08:58:40 +0100
Subject: SchNEWS 638, Friday 4th July 2008

Critical Mass round up - 28 June 2008


Critical Mass had their usual last-Friday-of-the-month cycles to reclaim city streets for bikes last Friday (28th), but several used the day to remember activist Marie Vesco, who was killed on the A23 during the cycle ride from London to Brighton on the way to the 'Carnival Against The Arms Trade' Smash EDO demo on June 4th (See SchNEWS 634).

In London, 600 cyclists including friends from the London activist community which Marie was heavily involved with chose to ride to Brixton, where she was involved in serving free food with Brixton Food Not Bombs. A minutes silence was held for her.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, they held their own memorial ride. They were met at the start point in force by vast numbers of Sussex police, not there to add their condolences, but apparently expecting a full on riot. Van loads of cops, a CCTV unit and a motorbike cavalcade escorted the solemn ride to the Home Farm Rd factory, where another 40 or so cops with dogs were waiting to 'welcome' the mourners.

The cyclists held a minute's silence for Marie and rode off back to town to let the cops pick up their overtime checks and hopefully avoid running anyone down on the drive home...

In Manchester cyclists mourned Marie, as well as Norman Fay, who was hit by a car on June 20th while riding to a York cycle rally.

The next Critical Mass events happen on July 25th across the country -


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