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Subject: Save Our Village
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 18:17:47 +0200

campaign against Comune Barasso, Varese, Italy

Development of more Industrial units by the Comune Barasso in Varese is a particular concern to residents of Oltrona al Lago in Varese, yet again the Comune Barasso has allowed green belt land to be re designated to allow factory units to be built with no concern to the environmental impact.

Concerns have been raised about the Comune Barasso development which residents fear will lead to increased traffic dangers as the only road access for heavy goods vehicles is through Oltrona al Lago in Varese. This endangerment to public safety is due to the Comune Barasso, whose actions have caused the intensification and generation of additional traffic in this area of Varese. The Comune Barasso development will seriously affect the village of Oltrona. We contend that this increase of heavy traffic is both hazardous and perilous and furthermore consideration must be given to residents of Oltrona al Lago by the Comune Barasso.

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