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Subject: Road Block e-bulletin - 15 Feb 08
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:31:40 +0000

Road Block E-bulletin, February 2008

From now on, Road Block news will reach even more people.

This will be the last Road Block E-bulletin. Starting immediately, roads campaigning news will be incorporated into the Campaign for Better Transport campaigns e-bulletin, along with news about our work to improve public transport and cut traffic. You need to sign up to receive this or you'll miss out on learning the latest roads news!

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Anti-roadbuilding campaigning is always part of a wider transport picture. If we're to turn the tide of car-dependence and roadbuilding we need real travel choices, including good, affordable public transport and safer routes for walking and cycling. This is why we'll be sending out an integrated campaigns e-bulletin, rather than the Road Block E-bulletin.

This also means that Road Block news will reach an even wider audience of fabulous, fired-up people. I really hope you'll continue to be one of them. Sign up today and you'll receive your first Campaign for Better Transport campaigns e-bulletin on Tuesday.

Other ways to get roads news -

* The best way to get the latest roads gossip is to keep an eye on my regular blog
* For news on local campaigns, visit the local group pages on our website
* We also send out regular press releases on roads issues

All the best

Rebecca Lush Blum
Roads and climate change campaigner
Campaign for Better Transport

P.S. Please don't forget to sign up to our campaigns e-bulletin, or you won't receive any more Road Block news. Thanks!

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