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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 18:30:16 +0100
Subject: SchNEWS 605, Friday 5th October 2007


The Faslane naval base holds nuclear-armed Trident submarines, and since 1982 has had nuisance neighbours in the form of the Faslane peace camp. This Monday was the Big Blockade send-off for the year-long Faslane365 action and it went with a bang. After over 100 separate actions during the year by anti-war groups coming from all around the country and beyond, SchNEWS was wondering whether the total arrests would hit the 1000 mark on the last day, and we weren't disappointed. During the year we began a Faslane365in365-o-meter, to track whether there was going to be 365 arrests in the year - with a prize to the 365th arrestee, which happened only three months into the campaign. (For the record we did actually meet him and he graciously refused any prize - we'll never get rid of some of those old books!) So even we were obviously out of touch with current police peace protest arrest-rates.

On the day of action around a thousand people from across the UK and Europe descended on the main gates of the base. By 7am, the Northern gate was blockaded with protesters chaining bits of their bodies to the gates and others super-gluing themselves together and pouring paint over themselves (just to impede police). By 8.30am, the South gates were blocked preventing all road access to the base. By mid-morning the police response had kicked in with around 100 arrests, and at the day's end they tallied an impressive 180.

There was also a roadblock including at tripod on the A814 to Garelochhead, leading to The Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) at Coulport, Loch Long - where Trident nuclear missiles are stored. For those not arrested during the morning, the day continued at the North gate in a noisy fashion with all the usual demo theatrics like clowns, and live music powered by Rinky Dink. It ended at 3.30 with a closing ceremony.

With the Faslane365 arrests figure hovering around the 970 mark, by mid-morning the 1000 barrier was smashed, leading to a total of 1150 arrests during the year. Notching up an impressive average of over three arrests every single day for a whole year, it is claimed that the police bill for Faslane 365 has been over 5 million. A drop in the ocean next to Trident of course...  -  Faslane 365  -  Faslane Peace Camp

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