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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 601, Friday 31th August 2007
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 17:25:40 +0100

protests hamper Shell's Bellanboy refinery site (Ireland)


After a brief respite for their holidays (bless 'em), builders have returned to wreak more havoc at Shell's refinery site at Bellanaboy in Mayo, West Ireland. Reminding them it was certainly not business as usual, around twenty protesters blockaded the site. Gaining access via the main gate, they stopped all work on site for almost four hours. By this stage three plod had arrived and began attacking people standing in front of site vehicles. Protesters then moved outside the main gate and joined another group in another blockade.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, concrete trucks entering the site were also blockaded. In another area, surveyors subcontracted to Shell were prevented from carrying out surveys on the likely pipeline route.

This is just the latest in the ongoing series of actions against Shell and their minions in government over the past five years. Site invasions, blockades, marches and pickets against the company are happening across Europe and give inspiration and courage to those in Mayo at the front line of this fight to prevent the oil giant from building a plant and high pressure pipeline through the area (see SchNEWS 595).

On September 14th there will be a national mobilisation for a mass sitdown protest at the refinery at Bellanaboy, as well as other international solidarity actions. Last year there was an excellent (arrest-free) demo a Shell garage in Brighton that stopped them selling their filth for the best part of a day. Let's see if we can raise the standard this year.

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