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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 587, 11th May 2007
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 22:57:39 +0100


Welsh gas line brought to a halt near Brecon

Camp-based activists against the Welsh gas pipeline (see SchNEWS 576) brought work to a standstill last Friday, at least on one section of the route. At approximately 3pm, three JCBs were sighted to the west of the camp - six miles outside Brecon. Around twelve campaigners swiftly occupied the site and stood in front of the diggers. After a short stand off, and the occupation of one machine, work was halted for the day.

Support for the camp is growing but more help is needed. Currently on the camp wish list: real coffee (how would the Brighton contingent survive without a morning cappuccino?) and a 'dagger headed shovel' - whatever that is.

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