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Subject: SchNEWS 574, Friday 2nd February, 2006
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 16:59:34 -0000

365th person arrested in Faslane 365 campaign


Faslane 365 in 365-o-meterSchNEWS was delighted (well, kind of) to hear from the 365th arrestee at the Faslane 365 continuous year-long blockade of the Trident nuke sub base in Scotland (See SchNEWS 565). The (p)lucky lad, from Edinburgh, when cut out of his barrel lock on and thrilled to bits to find out he had won the prestigious SchNEWS award. "Just receiving the honour is enough for me," he told us (after checking the prize wasn't booze - which it wasn't), "just tell your readers to get your bodies up to Faslane and lock yourself on to something. The campaign has been going great but we need more people to continue to block the roads if we are to escalate our tactics and win the campaign."

Meanwhile people and groups have continued to sign up and check in for their own 48 hours of Faslannery as the campaign sustains its presence just as strongly into 2007. Just last week (25-26 Jan), for example, a Health Professionals group assembled from all over the country, arrived for their stint. Taking to the streets, doctors and nurses offered shoppers special health checks, taking blood-pressure measurements and handing prescriptions to people for the prevention of nuclear war; prescribing 'dialogue for disarmament - to be taken regularly'. On Friday, nine doctors and healthworkers were arrested when, dressed in paramedic-style clothing bearing the slogan 'Trident Health Warning', they lay down on the road to the gates of the base. They told police they were upholding international law, which prohibits the deployment of nuclear weapons, as they were arrested for ignoring a police warning to move.

So get a group you know booked in - or just get up there yerself... -

* SchNEWS vocab watch: A Dunediner is the proper term for someone from Edinburgh fact fans.

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