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Subject: [AWPR Petition] - objection deadline approaching
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:47:33 +0000

Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route - deadline for objections 9th Feb 2007

Dear Supporter,

As you know, the deadline for objections to the AWPR (Aberdeen Bypass) is approaching fast, 9th February is only 9 days away. If you have already objected and got as many family and friends to do so, please ignore this message.

The most convenient and least time consuming way to object is to go the, click on the 'Cyberaction' button at the top of the page, which will take you to the objection page, where you need to put your name, address and postcode to make the objection valid; there is also a space for further comment to supplement the six objection points on the page. Then just click the 'Submit' button. Done.

To date, we have well over 2000 objections that we can be certain of, ie signed postcards in our possession plus the Cyberaction total, but there will be many more because we've given out thousands of postcards to people and we have also placed adverts in local weekly papers two weeks running. Many volunteers from Road Sense have braved the often freezing temperatures to hand out postcards at various locations from a stall with a big visible banner. We have had reasonably good coverage in the local press, even though the 2 main papers are very much for the bypass and have been ramming it down peoples' throats for years.

I will keep you updated as to the final number of objections and I will also let you know the further progress of my petition once the Petitions Committee has reviewed it in the light of my response, which I am currently drafting. At any rate, the petition will ensure that the issue of the bypass will remain visible and debatable.

Thank you again for your support.

With best wishes,

Paddy Imhof

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