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Subject: Thornborough Henges - News update and action call
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 19:45:21 -0000

appeal for cash to defend Thornborough Henges

Dear supporter of Thornborough Henges, You may have learnt that ealier this month, Tarmac Northern Ltd received planning permission from North Yorkshire County Council to quarry most of the Ladybridge Farm site based upon a second revised planning application.

The council planning committee had been advised that the petition, signed by 10,000 members of the public, was not admissable for this new application. This was incorrect advice, and it underlined North Yorkshire County Councils inability to respond to the wishes of its electorate - the petition has never been debated by the council, in fact most councillors are completely unaware of its existense.

Because of this, it is now extremely likely that the landscape of Thornborough will become a preferred area for quarrying, and will become Britain's largest gravel quarry site.

TimeWatch now intend to lobby our central government to expand the level of protection given to the area, so that a radius of at least one mile from the major monuments of Thornborough will be protected from quarrying.

In addition, it is our aim to change the direction of our campaigning in order to investigate ways of enabling better access to the monuments for the public, so that many more people will come to know and love these ancient monuments, and thus increase the value that is placed in keeping them safe.

However, in order to do this, we will require significant funds, so far we have asked for very little money from supporters, but it is clear that lobbying central government and creating credible proposals for access and management of the area will take more than simply the time donated by our volunteers.

So I am writing to you to ask for a donation of just five pounds toTimeWatch, so that we may carry out this work, and if needed hire professional advisors.

Without this money, it is unlikely that we will be able to continue campaigning to protect Thornborough with the momentum we have thus far generated and I should also remind you Tarmac have not withdrawn their appeal against the previous Ladybridge decision; it is highly likely that they will be able to reverse that earlier decision.

Please if you can, send us the money via our Paypal account - simply go to and send the money to, alternatively send a cheque to TimeWatch, Willow House, Brompton Road, Newton le Willows, North Yorkshire, DL8 1SJ.

I know that few of us these days can spare much cash, but remember how important Thornborough is; if Tarmac win this, they can quarry just about anywhere, and now Hanson have decided to quarry the area, it seems that other companies are joining them.


George Chaplin

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