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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 573, Friday 26th January, 2007
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 14:03:38 -0000

Southend protest over destruction of Saxon burial site


Anti-road campaigners in Southend, Essex, stormed into their Council's recent self-congratulatory shindig and declared the cancellation of the road-widening scheme that will tarmac over an Anglo-Saxon burial site at Camp Bling (See SchNEWS 514). Despite this plan, Southend Borough Council had managed to win the British Archaeological awards last year for the discovery of the very same Saxon King's burial ground that they are about to build a road over!

When council bureaucrats (with no apparent sense of irony) accepted the award, they were lambasted by a faking-it 'Mayor', local campaigner John Smith who took to the stage and apologised on behalf of the Council for their intention to destroy the burial site, promised to return the award, and then dramatically announced the immediate cancellation of the scheme! Masquerading as an alternative Mayor, he admitted he had 'finally listened to and taken note of the majority of people in Southend who have been shown repeatedly to oppose it.' Chaotic scenes ensued.

A recent review of the cost of the scheme makes it the most expensive stretch of road ever, at 25 million quid for under a mile of carriageway. A nice not-so-little earner for someone.

Meanwhile, the happy campers at Camp Bling protest site continue to keep a watchful eye over the place. 16 months in the making, the camp now boasts the deepest ever tunnel in the history of the anti-roads movement. Numbers at the camp have grown as a decision on the funding for the road is soon to be given.  or phone 07739 189165

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