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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 568, Friday 10th November, 206
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 18:36:56 -0000

Faslane 365 rolling blockade update - November 2006


Faslane 365 in 365-o-meter. 227 arrests in 40 days. Police resources are starting to be stretched up in Scotland as Faslane 365 enters its second month (see SchNEWS 565). "In isolation these kind of operations can be handled easily" says Jim Duffy, chairman of the Strathclyde Police Federation, "but when you get something taking the shape of the 365 demonstration, then that starts to be something that causes problems." Nice one! The year long blockade of the Faslane Nuclear base promises plenty more action for months to come. The end of October saw five elderly Quakers nicked, including 77-year-old Jeanne Jones who was held in custody for almost 11 hours. Keeping up with the religious theme, on another occasion the cells were alive with the hymns being sung by one Reverend Ainslie Walton as they added a vicar to the arrest list. November kicked off with a half hour long and 40 strong blockade by wittily-named CANdLE (Cumbria AND Lancashire Etc) which ended in 9 arrests.

Despite all their protestations, the cops are doing wildy well, and keeping the average arrests-per day count well above five. At this rate our Faslane365in365-ometer will be redundant by christmas (and don't think we Schcrooges won't let it go)

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