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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 562, Friday 29th September, 2006
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 18:10:03 +0100

year long blockade of Faslane planned


Fancy a weekend away with a difference? (and one that might actually help make a difference) Sometime during the next year why not pack a (small) bag and head for Faslane in Scotland for an idyllic couple of days helping blockade the Trident nuclear weapons base.

There has been a permanent peace camp at Faslane since June 1982. (For a look back at some of the more recent history type 'Faslane' into the SchNEWS website search facility and you'll get a 100+ hits back!) But with the government shaping up to give the go ahead for a whole new generation of nukes to replace the 'worn out' Trident (well, there are no better ways to spend those billions are there?), it's high time to increase the pressure on the UK to honour trivial things like international law and nuclear limitation treaties - and actually do as it preaches and disarm.

A new concept in peace camp solutions is being rolled out (to put it in corporatespeak!) and it's gonna be all the rage! Faslane365 will be a continuous year-long blockade of the weapons facility. The plan is for activists to drop in to camp for 48 hours at a time, using a rota system to keep up the continuous resistance at the gates, helping to keep everyone fresh and energised.

A wide range of different campaign and protest groups have already signed up and the whole thing kicks off this weekend (Oct 1st) with two days of women only blockades. Full details are on the website, along with an excellent mini-break brochure and local attraction guide, erm, we mean excellent resource guide - with lots of good background info, direct action tactics, tips for dealing with the cops and more...


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