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Titnore Appeal lost - help needed

From: "diceGeorge" (
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 23:33:44 +0100
Subject: [dicenews] Fw: [paganwarriorsuk] Re: TITNORE WOODS

From: "Rowan"
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 3:36 PM
Subject: [paganwarriorsuk] Re: TITNORE WOODS - Needed Urgently Please

The appeal was lost this morning so eviction could start at any time.

Urgent call for polyprop, food suitable to take up the trees and PEOPLE needed ASAP!!

Please spread this around to wherever you can think of, thanks



> --- In, "Rowan" wrote -
> Titnore latest
> The appeal hearing for the camp is on Tuesday August 29 and
> after that it is possible eviction could begin at any time. It is
> obviously important that we know about this as soon as possible
> and react to it with a show of support for the campers.
> Could we ask all supporters to:
> 1. Keep their eyes and ears open for any signs of impending
> eviction (heavy machinery, police vans etc).
> 2. Consider how they will find out about, and spread the word
> regarding, any eviction. If possible send us a phone number to
> be put on a list of people to be contacted in a hurry. It would be
> even better, if you were then able to contact other people
> yourself and thus spread the word quickly and efficiently. We should
> aim to have this phone tree set up by the start of next week.
> 3. Get up the camp or the vicinity of the camp as soon as
> possible if any eviction starts. The process will take more than one
> day, so there should be time for most supporters to make an
> appearance.
> Provisional "protest zone" if the camp cannot be reached is
> Fulbeck Avenue, Durrington, to which media will be directed.
> PLEASE NOTE that from Fulbeck Avenue there is a public right of
> way /footpath across the wooden bridge and onwards across the fields
> towards Adur Avenue. Do not be intimidated by anyone who tries to
> prevent you using that right of way and accessing the field,
> members of the Ramblers Association will be on hand to assist you.
> With your continued support we will save this cherished landscape.
> Best wishes
> Protect Our Woodland.
> PS. Please forward this message to others who may be able to help us.

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