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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 549, Friday 30th June, 2006
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 03:58:56 +0100

Titnore Woods Protest Camp Report


The protest camp at Titnore Woods which is resisting the building of 875 homes, more roads and an ever expanding Tesco in woodland near Worthing has entered its 6th week (see SchNEWS 547). Last week the Crawley offices of Taylor Woodrow - one of the property developers involved - got a visit from protesters, who unfurled a banner outside saying "Hands Off Titnore Woods" and presented a letter urging them to pull out of the project, saying "We want to make the people behind this destructive scheme fully aware of the strength of feeling about Titnore Woods among Worthing people...Do not expect opposition to the development to simply melt away, under any circumstances. It is, in fact, likely to intensify."

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