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From: "Jo Makepeace" -
Subject: SchNEWS 533, Friday 24th Feb, 2006
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 01:55:22 -0000

Shell day of action - Irish pipeline protest


Activists from Rising Tide, Rhythms of Resistance and other groups shut down a Shell petrol station in North London on Sunday as part of an international day of action against Shell.

The activists blockaded the entrance and exit to the forecourt, disabled the petrol pumps with 'Caution Global Warming' hazard tape, and hung a banner from the roof of the garage reading 'Stop Shell Hell in North West Ireland Now!' The petrol station was shut all afternoon, and part of Upper Street was closed off to traffic.The forecourt fiesta and samba band came to an abrupt halt when the fuzz arrived and arrested three of the activists.

The international day of action was called to draw attention to the struggle to stop the construction of a gas pipeline and refinery which would transform a remote conservation area of outstanding natural beauty in County Mayo, Ireland, into an environmental disaster zone with serious public health and safety implications.

Shell's plans are fully backed by the Irish State, which sold the rights for a song and used compulsory acquisition orders to give Shell access to local people's lands.

Residents and people from right across Ireland are fighting back and, last year, five Rossport residents were jailed for three months for attempting to prevent construction workers from entering their land (See SchNEWS 515). During the summer a protest camp was set up on the site of the proposed pipeline and construction prevented. Work on the project has still not begun, and the camp is seeking as many people as possible to join them this summer to stop Shell again.

For more information and photos, call 07708 794665 or email

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